The Family

Daniela_de_LenaDaniela de Lena: “This house was the dream of my father Luciano and his personality and taste can be seen in the style and in the furnishing and decoration of the house. I’ve enjoyed running the B&B activity from 2003 to 2011, and in those years I had the opportunity to meet many nice people, and with some of them I’m still in touch. Now it’s time to pass it over to my sons, Davide and Simone, and they are taking care of the management of this little business”.

davide_bed_and_breakfast_civitella_alfedenaDavide Magagna: “I am the elder son, I live and work in Rome, where I was born. While studying Architecture at the university I’ve been working part-time as a manager in a restaurant. I graduated one year ago and at present I’m working in a roman Architects Studio. I love Civitella Alfedena, and occasionally, among several work duties I take care of the B&B”.

simone_bed_and_breakfast_civitella_alfedenaSimone Magagna: “I am an Architect. I mainly design residential buildings and renovate houses and flats, with a specialization in the usage of “saving energy” and sustainable technologies. After the degree, I attended a course of Green Architecture KlimaHaus and I worked in Germany, in Cologne, in a renowned office qualified in sustainable Architecture. Besides that I am the person ‘officially’ in charge of managing the B&B and I try to administrate both tasks of my job as Architect and the managing of the B&B.

Part of the family are also our two pussycats, Margherita and Masina

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